Eliza Fawcett is a reporting fellow for The New York Times covering national news.

She has previously reported for the Hartford Courant, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. She graduated from Yale University, where she majored in History.

Find her on Twitter or LinkedIn, and contact her via email.

Selected Clips

Violent Threats to Election Workers Are Common. Prosecutions Are Not.

June 27, 2022  /  National  /  New York Times

Synagogue Sues Florida, Saying Abortion Restrictions Violate Religious Freedoms

June 16, 2022  /  National  /  New York Times

A Connecticut middle schooler needed psychiatric care. More than a year later, his mother is still struggling to get all he needs.

Mar. 13, 2022  /  Mental health  /  Hartford Courant

‘This will all be underwater’: As climate change arrives in Connecticut, coastal towns like Groton face a precarious future of rising sea levels and intensifying storms

Nov. 4, 2021  /  Environment  /  Hartford Courant

The number of children seeking urgent behavioral health care at Connecticut Children’s has tripled since the summer, forcing families to wait hours on end for an emergency department bed

Oct. 6, 2021  /  Mental health  /  Hartford Courant

Devastated North End community holds vigil for 19-year-old Makhi Buckly, fatally shot Memorial Day

Jun. 5, 2021  /  Connecticut  /  Hartford Courant

A fight over building apartments in mainly white Woodbridge has become a flashpoint in the debate over racial equity in Connecticut

Apr. 30, 2021  /  Connecticut  /  Hartford Courant

She contracted COVID-19 just before becoming eligible for the vaccine and died weeks later. As Connecticut reaches 8,000 deaths, the unbearable sorrow of the pandemic persists

Apr. 19, 2021  /  COVID-19  /  Hartford Courant

‘Patients who wouldn’t get it any other way’: The slow, quiet effort to give homebound Connecticut residents the COVID-19 vaccine

Mar. 8, 2021  /  COVID-19  /  Hartford Courant

COVID-19 long-haulers struggle with persistent mental health issues: brain fog, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders

Feb. 5 2021  /  COVID-19  /  Hartford Courant

Inside the U.S. Capitol: Connecticut lawmakers evacuated as pro-Trump insurgents storm building

Jan. 6, 2021  /  Politics  /  Hartford Courant

‘I can’t mandate common sense:’ Should appeals to personal responsibility guide Connecticut’s pandemic response?

Dec. 13, 2020  /  COVID-19  /  Hartford Courant

On the front lines fighting the coronavirus: Connecticut doctors and nurses battle death and despair

May 8, 2020  /  COVID-19  /  Hartford Courant

With COVID-19 threat looming, state prisons and jails are on edge

Mar. 28, 2020  /  COVID-19  /  Hartford Courant

Angry, hostile responses to the resurgent Black Lives Matter movement are exposing the intensity of Connecticut’s racial divide

Aug. 9, 2020  /  Connecticut  /  Hartford Courant

In Killingly, a debate over the high school mascot leads to a political reckoning

Dec. 1, 2019  /  Politics  /  Hartford Courant

20 deadly overdoses in 5 years at 2 West Side hotels. Why it’s so hard to tackle a few blocks of the opioid crisis

Oct. 21, 2019  /  Opioid crisis  /  Chicago Tribune

Trump’s school safety commission would prefer if you didn’t talk about gun control

Aug. 7, 2018  /  Politics  /  Los Angeles Times

Prosecutors say Manafort thought ‘the law did not apply to him,’ as the trial of Trump’s former campaign chairman begins

July 31, 2018  /  Politics  /  Los Angeles Times

Sparring with House Republicans, FBI’s Peter Strzok denies anti-Trump texts affected his work

July 12, 2018  /  Politics  /  Los Angeles Times

In the heart of Appalachia’s opioid epidemic, a sliver of hope

July 30, 2017  /  Opioid crisis  /  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Trump takes potshots at political foes at Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia

July 24, 2017  /  Politics  /  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

On the Doorstep—In New Haven, eviction feeds into a cycle of poverty that’s hard to escape.

Sep. 18, 2018  /  Housing  /  The New Journal

A Fragile Sanctuary—The walls of a New Haven church protect Marco Antonio Reyes Alvarez from deportation. No one knows for how long.

Nov. 17, 2017  /  Immigration  /  The New Journal